Laundry soap 72%,150 g, 200 g, 300 g Group 1 GOST (State-wide standard) 4544: 2006

Environmentally friendly product. Made only from natural materials with no use of dyes, fragrances and clay. Soap is one of the most effective hygiene products. It does not cause allergies, it has antimicrobial properties and is an effective desinfectant.

Among the household chemicals, soap is perhaps the most harmless and environmentally friendly product. This yellow-brown bar consists of sodium salts of fatty acids and is free from preservatives, chemicals, dyes and fragrances.

In terms of microbiological properties, soap is the most effective means of hygiene. It has anti-allergic properties. Soap can remove harmful bacteria as well as oil and paint. These properties are particularly well-manifested in 72% fat soap, which is manufactured in accordance with GOST (State-wide standard) 4544: 2006.

Soap can be used in different areas:
In cooking:

  • while washing fruits and vegetables, use a soapy brush;
  • frozen chicken and chicken legs can be washed in the suds.

In the household:

  • soap has a highly alkaline composition, it easily copes with different contaminants and tissue is not damaged. It effectively removes stains of organic origin;
  • after washing with soap the natural fabric remains soft and knitted things are gentle;
  • as the soap does not cause allergy, it is good to wash children`s clothes;
  • to protect the plants from some harmful insects a soapy solution can be useful.

For sanitation:

  • laundry soap is a good antiseptic thus soapy cloth can be used for cleaning any surface.

In cosmetology:

  • using soap to wash your hair will make it thick and healthy, and eliminate dandruff. First you have to wash your hair with shampoo and then apply the foam soap and wash your hair. Then preferably rinse hair with lemon water;
  • If you have any problems with your face like redness and acne, you should wash with laundry soap twice a week, then lubricate your skin with a cream. Your skin will heal and become healthy.

In folk medicine:

  • for the treatment of small wounds and burns, scratches and bites, one should wash the wounds with soap. The wounds would then heal quickly without suppuration and blisters;
  • To prevent fungal diseases while attending public places (baths, showers, swimming pools) feet and toes can be washed with soap.
  • To prevent viral diseases during epidemics wash your nose and hands with soap.

Our soap is environmentally friendly product made only from natural ingredients without the use of dyes, scents, clay and other materials.